ExcelWraps is a paperless on-line data solution that any Excel user can harness to replace paper forms with enterprise wide web data applications. Ideal for task management, workflow, incident reporting, safety assessments, compliance, site inspections, supply line management, audits, inventory processing… etc. We offer a future with no paperwork, no lost forms, no undecipherable scribbles, no unidentifiable signatures, no photocopying, no duplicate errors, no filing and immediate access to the data you have collected. The benefits of introducing Wraps are increased productivity, better access to business information, increased competitiveness, increased profitability, increased quality, increased traceability, improved supply chain responsiveness and increased customer satisfaction. Wrap data capture systems are fully customisable by your own staff who know how your business systems need to work. We take a hand-holding role to ensure that you make the best use of our technology.  All you need to know is Excel and we do the rest.

You create App-like interfaces called Wraps (so called because they are simply Excel workbooks wrapped in our transformational technology). Wraps behave just like a spreadsheet but they also include ‘beyond’ Excel features like digital signatures, photo/file uploads, GPS mapping, barcode/QR code generation and much more. Wraps run on any device (PC, tablet or smartphone) and are deployed from your own website which we provide. Remote users log in to the site and our in-built competence management decides who can sign work off and who can access your data. Wrap data is stored in a cloud database accessed by our 'MyWraps' reports which behave like Excel filtered tables with charts. We take care of support, hosting, site security and data backups. This rapid application development tool is set to transform the rail industry. Our aim is to fully offset our cost by savings made in your stationary budget (see justification).

How to get started

Watch our videos - a 15 minute demo to see what you can achieve with Wraps; a further 15 minutes to create your own wraps; 20 minutes to learn how to run your wrapsite. In less than an hour you are ready to get started by downloading our free XLW addin for Excel for Windows (2007 or later) following our online help and video tutorials. We'll install your test wraps on our Trial Site and create a private workgroup to try it out amongst a few test users. We will even invite you to a user group meeting where you can talk directly to our other clients. More...