Watch our videos - a 15 minute demo to see what you can achieve with Wraps; a further 15 minutes to create your own wraps; 20 minutes to learn how to run your wrapsite. In less than an hour you are ready to get started by downloading our free XLW addin for Excel for Windows (2007 or later) following our online help and video tutorials. We'll install your test wraps on our Trial Site and create a private workgroup to try it out amongst a few test users. We will even invite you to a user group meeting where you can talk directly to our other clients.

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 Contact us to ask any further questions, to schedule a live demo or simply have to a chat with us. Or browse through our many videos listed below:

Adding New Snags on an Inspection List

Reviewing Inspection Costs of Whole Fleet

Setting up New Inspections or Redeliveries

Configuring New Users in A Workgroup

General Inspection Wraps Explained

General Inspection Wraps

Railway Wheelset Management

Bolt Analysis A 'Quick and Dirty' Method

Row Hide Widget and Row Show Widget

Image Changer Widget

ExcelWraps Supports Manufacturing

Budget and Programme Planning with Wraps

Bogie Primary Suspension Data Captured by ExcelWraps

Creating Wraps from Excel and ExcelWraps Intray Functionality

Wraps to Support Train Redelivery

Creating and Debugging a Safety Checklist Wrap Using Excel

ExcelWraps At Blue Site Building Construction Company

Document Control Wraps

Notification Wraps

Settings ExcelWraps Add Roles To Group Permissions

Content Definition Add Roles to Custom Link Content Type

Content Definition Add Roles to Page Content Type

Configure XLW to work with your ExcelWraps subdomain

Content Item Access

Railway Vehicle wheel Load Balancing and Levelling Predictive Model

Wrap Groups



Sign In and Password Recovery

Edit Site Content

User Management

Excel Opens XML Structured Data Exported from ExcelWraps Site

Excel Dynamic Link to Website

Exporting From ExcelWraps Website to Excel

MyWrapsGenerator Tutorial

Queries PDCA and Varition Orders

How to Create a Job Sign Off Wrap from Excel

Job Sign Off List Wrap

Calculation of NETWORKDAYS Using a Date From a WrapLink in a Holder Cell

Stretch Image Widgets and WrapLinks

What Is Stored in The Cloud Database

My Wraps Reporting Tools

Arising Work Wrap

Calibrated Equpment Serials in Wraps

Job Sign Off Wrap

Top Level Wrap Map

JobMatrix Wraps

TimeSheet ExpenseSheet and Tasks

XLW Validate Wrap


ExcelWraps Asset Management Demo

XLW Changing a Wrap and Signature Integrity

XLW Device Simulator

XLW Map to Comments

XLW Map To Names

XLW Show Inputs

XLW Media Upload

XLW AutoNumber

XLW Conditional Input

XLW Signoff

XLW Show Roots

XLW Wrap Input

XLW Widgets

Data at Your Fingertips

Test Bench Cylinder load Corrections

New Spring Wrap

Average Wheel Balance Check

WrapMaps And MyWraps Reports Demo

Vehicle Balancing & Levelling

Reading complex graphical and tabular data with Excel

Andy Armstrong Running a Wrapsite

ExcelWraps at Lucchini Unipart Rail


Rail Impact Test

WrapLinks And WrapMaps

Railway Bogie Suspension Setup and Wrap Maps

Introducing ExcelWraps

Your First Wrap

XLW from ExcelWraps

Bolted Joint Part 9 of 12 Loads

Bolted Joint Part 12 of 12 Joint Characteristics

Bolted Joint Part 11 of 12 Thread Stripping

Bolted Joint Part 10 of 12 Bolt Stress

Bolted Joint Part 8 of 12 Thermal

Bolted Joint Part 7 of 12 Embedding

Bolted Joint Part 6 of 12 Tightening

Bolted Joint Part 5 of 12 Tightening Method

Bolted Joint Part 4 of 12 Friction

Bolted Joint Part 3 of 12 Clamped Material

Bolted Joint Part 2 of 12 - Bolt Details

Bolt Joint Summary Part 1 of 12

Introducing ExcelWraps for Hitachi

Railway Bogie Wheel Balancing

Honeycomb Panel Design Tool

Tripple Arm Excavator in Excel

Weld Fatigue Structures Course Feedback

Railway Vehicle Structural Integrity Seminars by ExcelCalcs

Floor Grille Design Optimisation

Floor Grille Design Calculation

FEM Pile Calculation in Excel

Good Calculation Guide Pt2

The Website

Analysis of a Mechanical Handler

The Good Calculation Guide

ExcelCalcs Fatigue of Weled Structures Course

Turan Babacan's Excel Beam Analysis Worksheet

Using Tabular Data in Excel Calculations Part 2 of 2

Using Tabular Data in Excel Calculations Part 1 of 2

Bolt Analysis Part 2 of 2

Bolt Analysis Part 1 of 2

EXCsta.xls - 2D Frame Analysis

Handling Units in Excel

Spring Damper 1DOF Explained

Generalised Motion Solver Demonstration

Generalised Motion Solver Explained

Spring Damper 1DOF Demonstration

Tripple Spring Damper

Excel Sprites for Animation

Introducing XLC V10_09 for Excel

XLC automatic equation updates in Excel

XLC Making equations from tabular data in Excel

XLC automatic equation updates in Excel

XLC Algebra/Number Switch in Excel

Gannt Chart

In cell graphs

Excavator Arm


Reading graphical and tabular data with Excel






Alex Tomanovich Interview







Shaiq Khan 09 2008


Line between two points and perpendicular distance to a third



Why Excel & XLC

Excavator Arm Geometry and Load Assessment

How to Present Great Calculations in Microsoft Excel

Mathematical Equations from Cell Formulae in Microsoft Excel

How to Make Great Sketches with Microsoft Excel