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Bolted joints are one of the most common elements in construction and machine design yet most engineers have bolt problems at some point in their career. Try the fully working BoltExpert demo, it is restricted to the use of M8 and M12, but it illustrates how expert knowledge can be captured in a Wrap so anyone can troubleshoot fastener problems. It includes a simple ‘Green light/Red Light’ summary, dynamic charts that respond to user input, videos to show how to use and video explanations of bolt mechanics. We use the full version in our training programs so that shop floor workers appreciate why bolts don’t always work and, digging a little deeper, engineers can diagnose bolt problems. It is accessible from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Expert knowledge is just one type of application for ExcelWraps. Next time I’ll show a project management demo application a little lower down on the ‘that’s clever’ scale but way up on the ‘that’s handy’ scale. From initial estimates it will produce a quotation for your client and track employee time and expenses. It includes some nice features like a Google maps mileage calculator widget, receipt capture (allowing you to upload photos of receipts), % completion reports and live Gantt charts.

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