Integrate Office Procedure and Policies into Task Wraps

For a company to exercise any process it will set out what must be done to complete the process successfully. In the old days this meant following the company procedures manual and was a bible everyone worked to. If you are going to do this you must do this this and this. Here are some examples of company processes:

  1. Change Management
  2. Control of Documented Information
  3. Addressing Risk and Opportunity
  4. Correction & Corrective Action
  5. Management Review
  6. Business Development and Marketing Procedure
  7. HR and Administration
  8. Handling of Customer Complaints
  9. Purchasing
  10. Design and Development

The way we address this with wraps is to set up a project template to detail all the tasks that must be done to complete the process successfully. Then we launch the project creating wraps to cover each task. The whole team see the task as they update in real time so we all have a good view of where we stand against the project timescale.


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