Key Performance Indicators are all in the Wrap!

A Wrap is online forms that collect data about specific tasks to determine the status and record time or cost accrued. Once completed a task will be signed off as completed and will become a frozen wrap. Hundreds of wrap will be live to monitor all the activities in the company. It is very easy for wraps to count up the number of wraps in progress and the total time or costs associated with all activities. These values are Key performance indicators (KPIs) and will be used to gauge a company’s current performance. Taking a snap shot of kpi's every night shows how they change with time and reveal overall long-term trends. KPIs specifically help determine a company's strategic, financial, and operational achievements and using wraps its all part of the solution. Here are a couple of sample applications:

  1. Siemens use the following KPIs to monitor their wheelset overhaul process. This process is fulfilled by a Wheelset Overhaul Supplier (WOS). Specifically their KPIs for this process are  Waiting WOS Goods Inwards, WOS Goods Inwards, Quarantined WOS Production, WOS Production Quarantined, WOS Pre Dispatch, WOS Billing and WOS Dispatched.
  2. Each depot knows where its wheelsets are and when they will be back in for service
  3. E
  4. smooth the flow of wheelsets to the WOS
  5. What depots


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