Paperstacks to Wrapstacks - save the planet!

A paperless wrap solution provide obvious environmental benefits and they are so easy to create using WrapCreator add in for Excel there really is no excuse for not taking the initiative now. Information collected and calculated by wraps is deposited in a large MS SQL database so information is instantaneously retrieved, the day of search through filing cabinets for dusty paper copies needs to be truly consigned to the past. MyWraps reports running on the database can tabulate summaries and charts of results giving you new insights into the data you collect. Reporting wraps can be scheduled to run periodically to condense the information in thousands of wraps into a simple weekly summary telling you how you are performing this week by comparison to previous weeks. Our drill-down controls allows you to dig down to understand trends in your period reports. Everything is seamlessly linked together and is very simple to navigate through.

Another device we should consign to the past is the photocopier working its way through mountains of paperstacks. All wraps are contained within a single fairly readable URL this is easily sent in an email and clicking it opens the live report in the website. For example this URL opens a wrap which defines the tasks, materials, tooling and measurements required to complete the work contained in a job specification called EM5310 at version 2, version 1 is already locked away in the system to provide the revision history). Distributing a link is way more efficient than photocopying, packaging and snail mailing work. Similarly all MyWraps reports from the database and weekly scheduled wraps are also distributed as URLs. 

Wrapstack technology is used to generate wraps from wraps. In the example mentioned above we can generate SignOff wraps from the JobDefinition wraps so that we can record the job being executed on a a particular train unit. Wrapstack generates the SignOff wrap to record what job EM5310 applied to unit 43064 at Birmingham's Tyseley depot due on 18th September 2020. The SignOff wrap records tasks done on the unit, what materials were consumed and what tools were used to take what measurements. The JobDefinition is reused over and over again to record all the work done over the fleet. Wrapstack brings amazing efficiencies to any railway process.


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