Rail Incident Safety Management

We continue to expand our range of solutions for the railway industry as we launch our Wrap Rail Incident Safety Management solution. Wraps becomes a central point to collate information regarding the incident and it replaces email records which inevitably become unwieldy and difficult to track. Wraps also deploys incident actions so that everyone knows what part they play and the current state of all activities are displayed on an interactive Tables and Gantt charts. Wraps will keep track of car repairs following an incident to maintain a log design changes and modifications. Progress is tracked until the list of outstanding actions is empty and all incident documentation is held in a central incident Wrap repository. Note: Fleets are defined in terms of their type (Diesel Locomotives, Dual Mode Locomotives, Electric Locomotives, Electric Multiple Units and Diesel Multiple Units, Diesel Electric Multiple Units and Locomotive Hauled Coaching Stock). Drill down controls to select a fleet type, then a unit from the fleet then a car from the unit number so that mistakes cannot be made when entering data.

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