WrapCreator Version 10.5

WrapCreator supercharges any Excel user so that he becomes a titan software developer producing custom apps and handling big data sets. In fact he will create wraps, not apps, because they are simply Excel workbooks wrapped in out transformation technology. During the wrap creation process WrapCreator copies your Excel layout, it deciphers all the underlying Excel formulas and adds in additional non excel web technology to create a bespoke stand alone web application hooked into a powerful database. We only retain the source so that you can tweak it and rewrap it again to make changes to your wrap. It is a true metamorphosis from Excel into a fully blown web application which can be opened on your desktop, tablet or phone. Wraps go into the world to collect the data crucial for the smooth operation of your business. All this data is stored in database from which you can produce stunning tabular and graphical reports. There is no reason why you cannot match any feature in the very latest apps on your smartphone.


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