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Note: This page has been replaced by an updated and extended help page for WrapCreator at https://help.excelwraps.com/support/online-help/help-use-the-basic-widgets/.

Extend Wrap functionality using HTML, JavaScript and external libraries. Widgets do no function within Excel they work only when they are launched in a wrap. In Excel the cells are Prefixed with "HTMLWIDGET:".

The following widgets are currently available: 

  Static Hyperlink Button - Add a hyperlink button to a fixed URL.

  Dynamic Hyperlink ButtonAdd a hyperlink button to a URL in another cell on the spreadsheet. You must name your URL input cell and select it in the pop up box. Similarly, enter the caption you would like on your button, if no text is entered the button will say “Link”.

  Row Hide - This widget can be placed to the right of of a cell with a value of TRUE or FALSE. When TRUE, the whole row will be hidden in the Wrap otherwise it will be shown. This is the inverse logic to a row show widget. Typically we insert two new columns at the start of our spreadsheet. In the first column of the spreadsheet we place the row hide logic which evaluates to TRUE or FALSE, then select any number of cells in the second column and click the row hide widget button. If the cell to the left contains TRUE or FALSE a widget will be inserted otherwise it is ignored. Both columns can be very thin and the first column can be hidden by setting the font color to the cell fill color and the widget code will be invisible in the wrap. See video tutorial at bottom of page.

   Row Show - This widget can be placed to the right of of a cell with a value of TRUE or FALSE. When TRUE, the whole row will be shown in the Wrap otherwise it will be hidden. This is the inverse logic to a row hide widget and is created in the same way. Some people prefer using a row hide widget others prefer row show widget but they basically operate the same way.

  Stretch Image - An image will be shown within the cell size. If the image is a higher resolution than the cell then you will not lose clarity as you zoom in. This is particularly useful for pinch zoom actions on tablet devices.

  Image Changer - An image will change in response to your calculation. A selector cell will contain an integer value which will be used to select an image. See video tutorial at bottom of page.

  Geo Location - Your latitude and longitude position will be inserted in a spreadsheet cell or displayed in a google map when you press the GPS button which can be found within the cell.

  YouTube Player - Insert any video available on YouTube. This is a great way of giving help to your users.

  Audio Player - Play an audio file (mp3 or ogg) from your subdomain media folder.

  Video Player - Play a video file (mp4, WebM or ogg) from your subdomain media folder.

  Calculator - Insert an amazing calculator that does all the usual things expected of a calculation but also supports equations, integration, differentiation, solving roots of equations, unit conversion and plotting.

  App Launcher - Launch another iOS app or have the option to install it if you don't have it already.

    Barcode/QR - Generate a barcode and QR Code from the contents of a cell.

   Export Text - Export Cell Contents As TXT/CSV file. Use the '|' character to generate an end of line.

   TabLockSig - All input controls on the current tab will be locked for modification after a signature is made.

   TabLockRole - All input controls on the current tab will be locked for modification for specified roles.

   TabReleaseRole - All input controls on the current tab will be locked for modification for all but the specified roles.

   TabHideRole - Hide the current tab from the specified roles.

   TabVisibleRole - Only show current tab to the specified roles.

  Custom Widget - Anything is possible with custom code in a widget. Ask MoreVision to develop new widgets - or ask for advanced user training to learn how to do it yourself. Using widgets we can bring almost any functionality to a wrap. An example of an advanced custom widget is the image hotspot widget.

FAQ: What is the difference between hiding row and columns in Excel and using the Row Hide Widget? Any hidden rows or columns in Excel are never shown in the wrap, never stored in the database but the calculations they contain become embedded in the wrap calculation code. All visible cells in Excel will become wrap elements. You use a Row Hide widget to hide a whole row in the wrap (they are still present in the wrap but not displayed). If the first column in the row evaluates to true it will not be displayed. Calculated and input cells in the row will be evaluated and stored in the database.