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Note: XLW has been replaced by WrapCreator. Learn more at https://help.excelwraps.com/.

XLW is a free software addin to create Wraps using Excel for Windows (2007 or later). See software release notes and version history.

 Download XLW setup file - Run the windows installer so that XLW runs every time you start Excel.

 Download XLW.xlam - Simply open XLW.xlam to load into Excel anytime you want to use it.

Quick Start - Test out WrapOne, which demonstrates many wrap features, then examine Excel source file WrapOne.xlsx to see how it was created.

Any installation problems download and open XLW.xlam directly. XLW.xlam must be in "Trusted Locations" Excel>Options>Trust Center then "Trust Center Settings ..." and select "Trusted Locations". Also check that the XLW Add-In is activated Excel> File> Options> Add-Ins> Manage Excel Add-ins Go button.