Andy Armstrong Wrap Creator

Tags: Wrap Administrator, Video, Rapid Application Development

Andy Armstrong is the Chief Wrap Creator at Hitachi's Ashford Train Depot. Andy knows everything there is to know about overhauling the high speed class 395 trains. When Andy set about building his Wraps he did so knowing this complex process intimately. Whilst the process is complicated implementation of the ExcelWraps solution is straightforward. Some 215 Wraps have been deployed to cover the engineering process both on and off site. At a glance he can see what is happening at subcontractor sites in Manchester, Doncaster as well as the Ashford site itself. All the information gathered in the cloud can be easily interrogated to investigate engineering problems and to build a case for equipment life extension. When the overhauled train is returned to service it does so having being signed off by 205 users each with their own specialist accredited competence. Ready access to information and the built-in user competence is transforming his business.

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