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  • Data at Your Fingertips

    Tags: Video, Technology

    At ExcelWraps we create Wraps from Excel worksheets. Using the cell names defined in our spreadsheet we pick off particular items to generate a MyWraps report like this. The cell names I used are here the railway ‘unit' number, the ‘car'  type, an axle weights named ‘weighta18' and ‘weighta27'. We … more

  • WrapMaps And MyWraps Reports Demo

    Tags: WrapMap, MyWraps, Video

    A short video demonstration of what can be achieved using technology. You'll see WrapLinks, DigitalSignatures, WrapMedia all working together to send live information across a project. MyWraps reports shows what wraps are currently awaiting your signature and also used to extract … more

  • Andy Armstrong Wrap Creator

    Tags: Wrap Administrator, Video, Rapid Application Development

    Andy Armstrong is the Chief Wrap Creator at Hitachi's Ashford Train Depot. Andy knows everything there is to know about overhauling the high speed class 395 trains. When Andy set about building his Wraps he did so knowing this complex process intimately. Whilst the process is complicated … more

  • Integrating ExcelWraps Into a Production Environment

    Tags: Video, Document Management

    The video explains the traditional difficulties in compiling paper documentation packages in a production environment and how Wraps now collects and shares production information in the cloud. It shows how the technology has been adopted on the shop floor and what the shop floor staff think of it.  … more