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  • A 12 Fold Increase in Productivity in Under An Hour!

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    Our 15 minute Demo Video explains what ExcelWraps is and that you need no IT infrastructure or expertise to introduce it. The next 15 minutes covers Wrap Creation drawing on your existing Excel skills. Delivery across your organisation using your own Wrapsite is explained in 20 minutes. In the … more

  • Secure in the Safe Hands of ExcelWraps

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    Who can access our data? How is our privacy protected? How are we protected against hackers? Is our wrapsite always available to guarantee business continuity? Can we recover from any scenario no matter how unlikely? ExcelWraps operate a framework of ISO 27001 compliant security policies and … more

  • Versatile Rapid Application Development

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    ExcelWraps is the fastest way to make your business paperless... all you need to know is Excel, we do the rest. It is extremely versatile as demonstrated by sample projects listed below. Given our history, the majority of projects are UK railway industry related but increasingly we provide … more

  • Time And Motion

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    Time and motion is a widely accepted method applicable to the improvement and upgrading of work systems. This integrated approach to work system improvement is known as methods engineering and it is applied today to industrial as well as service organisations. Traditionally time and motion data is  … more

  • A No Brainer Go Paperless

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    As a rule of thumb office supplies cost between £13 to £64 per person per month depending on factors like industry and the nature of the business, as well as organisational size, culture and policies (source LAC Group). This can be compared directly to ExcelWraps pricing between £7 to £20 per user … more

  • Project Management and Hot Air

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    A woman was in a hot air balloon. She spotted someone below and lowered closer to the ground to get his attention. She shouted, "Hey, I don't know where I am. Can you help me?" The man responded, "You are in a hot air balloon. You're about twenty feet above the ground, three miles east of the … more

  • Finally Paperless

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    "By the way our paper consumption has dropped by 99%"

    I just have to share this quote from our Hitachi Rail site administrator, it really sums up what we are about at ExcelWraps. The truth is that wraps are simply quicker and more convenient than paper. Speaking with another potential railway … more

  • All Wrapped Up for Christmas

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    We have all this new functionality wrapped up for Christmas:

    Wrap Gantt Charts – Automatic time and motion studies by plotting the time when the job starts (when a Wrap instance is created) and when the job stops (when the wrap is signed off).

    Wrap Email Alerts - now available when a Wrap is … more

  • Data at Your Fingertips

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    At ExcelWraps we create Wraps from Excel worksheets. Using the cell names defined in our spreadsheet we pick off particular items to generate a MyWraps report like this. The cell names I used are here the railway ‘unit' number, the ‘car'  type, an axle weights named ‘weighta18' and ‘weighta27'. We … more

  • Critical Dimensions

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    Electrical motor brushes are wearing out faster than anticipated and were unlikely to make it to the next overhaul. This is a classic fleet management problem in the railway industry and could result in faults in service or having to bring forward the overhaul program early. Thankfully ExcelWraps  … more

  • Continuous Improvement

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    The MyWraps chart view shows how well a test load is applied during the set-up procedure of railway equipment. Initially we were pretty poor at matching our target so we introduced a change to our process in April 2015 and since then we have been much better in hitting our target. Examining the … more

  • Data Mining with ExcelWraps

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    A wrap is used to collect information and perform calculations. Each time a wrap is used it is submitted to the cloud database and it creates a wrap instance. Each wrap will spawn many wrap instances. There are many on-line and offline tools that you can work with this data. Any of these reporting … more