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"By the way our paper consumption has dropped by 99%"

I just have to share this quote from our Hitachi Rail site administrator, it really sums up what we are about at ExcelWraps. The truth is that wraps are simply quicker and more convenient than paper. Speaking with another potential railway client I asked are there any office procedures that I could convert to wraps to demonstrate the power of the technology. He suggested their technical query form which he supplied to me along with a 4 page document entitled "Raising a Technical Query - Best Practice Guide". The document covered where to find the Word template on the server how to complete it and how to send it by email. Within the hour I made a Technical Query Wrap on our trial site using wrap user role conditional inputs for the question raised and the client's response. In this way only the questioner can edit their question and only the client can edit his response. We also use wrap digital signatures trigger email alerts letting the right people when someone either raises a query or answers a query. Its our aim to make all our clients 99% paperless too. If you want to see just how easy it is to create wraps look at our interactive help and video tutorials where you will see how conditional inputs and wrap digital signatures are created. If you would like us to create a demo for you simply contact us.


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