A No Brainer Go Paperless

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As a rule of thumb office supplies cost between £13 to £64 per person per month depending on factors like industry and the nature of the business, as well as organisational size, culture and policies (source LAC Group). This can be compared directly to ExcelWraps pricing between £7 to £20 per user per month (lower cost for large number of users). Year on year office stationary costs are not reducing but increasing, a recent article in Wired cites some interesting statistics:

  • The amount of paper produced by the average company is growing annually by 25% according to Gartner.
  • One billion photocopies are made every day according to Forrester Research.

The best way to reduce paper is to move documentation to digital format and encourage more digital consumption on tablets. Increasing the use of digital signatures can also help reduce the flow of paper. Our first client to achieve a 99% paperless state was Hitachi announced in January 2016. We offer a future with no paperwork, no lost forms, no undecipherable writing, no unidentifiable signatures, no photocopying, no duplicate errors, no filing and immediate access to the data in tabular and graphical reports. If you are sat by a desk full of paper as you read this article…. give us a call.

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