Integrating ExcelWraps Into a Production Environment

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The video explains the traditional difficulties in compiling paper documentation packages in a production environment and how Wraps now collects and shares production information in the cloud. It shows how the technology has been adopted on the shop floor and what the shop floor staff think of it. 

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Document Delivery Enhancements

Is this the latest version? What has changed? Who holds the controlled copies? Who is hiding old copies of the document in their drawer? Does everyone know an important document has changed? Let's put an end to the age old document run around. Any document on the your ExcelWraps subdomain is the current version...and is available to your community anywhere any time.

  • SECURE - Wrap Media upload controls holds all media in a security layer that only users with correct credentials can access. Even if you knew the document hyperlink you can’t access it without the correct user credentials.
  • REVISION HISTORY – Document changes are described in wrap input cells.
  • VERSION CONTROL – Wrap AutoNumbers automatically increment the version number and using the keyword ‘last’ takes you to latest version.
  • AUTHORISATION – Add wrap digital signatures for ‘Checked by’ and ‘Approved by’.
  • LOCKDOWN – Wrap freeze applied on ‘Approved by’ signature – then the wrap and associated media cannot be changed.
  • ACKNOWLEDGEMENT – Send out an associated Notification Wrap to collect signatures from key users. This registers their acknowledgement of the new/up-issued document and their agreement to inform their subordinates. Any unsigned notification Wraps appear user’s ‘In-tray’ until they have been signed. The owner of the notification wrap receives an email alert once all signatures have been collected.
  • PDF VIEWER – Our wrap pdf viewer makes sure that the document is presented in the same way regardless of what device you are using (Windows, iOS or Android). Our viewer includes page thumbnails and headings map for fast navigation.
  • MULTI-DOCUMENT – Wrap media upload controls hold an unlimited number of documents and incorporate document selection controls.
  • PREVIEW – A snapshot of the front page of the document is shown in the zooming media preview area.

Wrap Software Upgrades

Unlike Apps, Wraps will not keep bugging you to update the software when a new version is available. All upgrades happen seamlessly in the background and users will be totally unaware that any software upgrade has actually taken place. Software upgrades take place about once a month, having been fully tested on a replica site. Since our last newsletter all this was improved... and our users had to do precisely nothing!

  • Viewing uploaded media is be faster.
  • Media uploads always orientates a photo correctly.
  • Media uploads will produce a zooming front page image of pdf documents.
  • Media upload now has a large "close" button following feedback that the form close control was too small when using a smartphones.
  • The wrap ">+" gives you an option to create from new or copy an existing instance. Good for examining what if scenarios.
  • The Wrap button area will now behave responsively keeping a tidy look to the wrap on any screen size.
  • MyWraps feature lists all wrap instances.
  • MyWraps filters out wraps you have created yourself.
  • XLW the software that works with Excel to create wraps is improved.
  • XLW now simulates a wrap on any device or smartphone.
  • XLW optimises display for tablets and smartphones.
  • GPS Maps feature can now be placed on any Wrap tab.
  • Wrap permissions are improved so that a Wrap can be deployed in a customisable manner. For example as a self marking examination paper, you will be only able to view your own test papers and you cannot see anyone else's. This will be useful for assessing competence (watch this space we'll be doing a lot more on this).
  • Social media tags are introduced to the site to enhance their appearance on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

Contact us to trial one of own Excel design wraps, we'll hook it up in minutes and then you can see what impact it will make to your business.

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