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  • ExcelWraps Competency Model

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    “The most incompetent you can be is when you don’t know you need to be competent”. Let's consider organisational competency and examine how ExcelWraps seamlessly imposes competency management on your operation. 

    Operation – Performing a series of acts involved in delivering a benefit to end … more

  • Getting Started with ExcelWraps

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    Your Subdomain and Users - The first thing to realise is that Wraps are accessed through your own ExcelWraps subdomain. You’ll become administrator of your subdomain and set up your users with at least one ‘role’. For example Unipart roles link to their competence management system (Production … more

  • RIP Paperwork

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    ExcelWraps replaces all paper records at Unipart

    A quantum leap for the Hitachi 395 bogie overhaul as paper is superseded by Wraps. Now information is immediately available through the cloud and shared across Unipart, with its clients and its subcontractors. Bogie overhaul consists of 20 main … more