Excel Tips and Tricks

A series of articles helping you create wraps using Microsoft Excel for Windows.

  • Matrix and Morph Tutorial

    This tutorial Describes how to prepare a new unit when it arrives on the Wabtec Site:

    Create a new matrix when the job specification changes. Some 600 jobs to be undertaken on 10 cars and each job requires a competent person to sign off. Each job may require collection of serial numbers, … more

  • Presenting Your Wraps

    Tags: Help

    ExcelWraps give you the ability to create online forms (wraps) for your business. We encourage you to fully personalise your wraps using the tips below.

    Make Use of the Excel's Show/Hide Features

    When creating a wrap extra data, such as number ranges, is required but the user does not need to see … more

  • Boolean Logic Guide

    Tags: help

    Excel Boolean logic formulas are an area worth revising before writing your first wrap. Wraps use them extensively but they are not so common in general spreadsheets. The notes below will help you get to grips with Boolean logic. There are 5 key Boolean Logic formulas:

    Function … more