We provide cloud data solutions for the railway industry covering overhaul, arising work, equipment management and maintenance. Our data collection forms have built-in competence management which means only qualified people can complete tasks so that trains are safe and  reliable. All data is readily available in reports, we even produce Gantt charts to monitor improvements in a process. Our technology creates custom applications but requires no IT specialists skills. Our clients are Eversholt, Hitachi, Siemens, Bombardier, Wabtec and Brush Traction and, as we extend down their supply lines over the internet, we have a very broad reach in the railway industry. We are expert partners for our clients adapting off the shelf solutions so that the railway industry solves problems more efficiently and effectively.

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  • Inaugural User Group Meeting

    Tags: About Us, Solutions, Clients

    The first user group meeting took place at our Leeds railway station office on Tuesday 27th November 2018. The purpose of the meeting was to showcase wrap applications in the railway industry and to discuss our plans directly with our clients. The following topics were discussed:

    1) Railway Wheel … more

  • Expanding Our Client Services Team

    Tags: About Us

    The first phase of our expansion plan is to increase our client services team. We'll be doing this both by recruiting directly but also working in partnership with railway engineering consultants.

    Job Title: Client Consultancy Team - Help us provide services that technicians and engineers use to … more

  • New Offices at Leeds Rail Station

    Tags: About Us

    We have moved into our new office located in the Platform building at Leeds Rail Station. The 'Tech Hub' at  platform is a centre for Leeds digital businesses which currently make up 10% of all jobs in the city. Easy access direct from the railway network will make it easier than ever to attend … more

  • Train Maintenance Wraps

    Tags: Solutions

    ExcelWraps is already in use in the overhaul of railway vehicles and we are pleased to announce that we now have a solution for train maintenance. We challenged ourselves to work on non-fixed formation fleet (HST) requiring S exams (nightly), B exams (weekly), X exams (quarterly), time interval … more

  • Wabtec Rail's First Bogie Project Wrapped

    Tags: Solutions

    Eversholt's CL321 Bogie Overhaul has been wrapped. It took just 2 days to roll the solution out using MoreVision's Matrix and Morph technique. We have set up a separate workgroup call 'Bogies', from here workgroup administrators can add new users, assign competences and reset passwords.

    Using the … more

  • Wheel Load Balancing and Levelling for Dummies!

    Tags: About Us

    You are invited to an evening hosted by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers North Eastern Railway Division on Tuesday January 9th 2018 18:00pm at Oxford Place Centre Leeds. The talk will be given by Matt Burgess of Meridian Rail who will share his experience in ensuring the best possible margins … more

  • Wheelset Overhaul Management Wrap

    Tags: Solutions

    Our latest wrap application controls the supply of new wheels, axles, brake discs, bearings, gearwheels, refurbishment of power driven and passenger wheelsets, replacement of worn components, magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic testing and dynamic balancing of wheelsets. Work carried out … more

  • Fleet Availability Management

    Tags: Solutions

    Depots need to make trains available so that Train Operating Companies can provide a passenger service. Availability reports say where each unit is coming from, that it is prepped for service, when the depot needs it back for maintenance and states any minor faults not affecting service. It's a … more

  • Capturing Railway Arising Work

    Tags: Solutions

    The railway has a nasty habit of throwing up un-foreseen and unplanned work. It is referred to as 'additional arising work' (AAW) and it will inevitably delay the work you were trying to complete and can bring it to a halt altogether. You may not always know how to rectify the problem and require … more

  • Brush Traction Achieves the Aspiration of 86% of World CEOs

    Tags: Clients

    A Price Waterhouse Cooper survey found that 86% of CEOs believe digital technologies creates a competitive advantage that is key to success today. The top three technology priorities of industrial manufacturing CEOs are mobility (73%), cybersecurity (72%) and data mining and analysis (70%). Brush … more