We provide cloud data solutions for the railway industry covering overhaul, arising work, equipment management and maintenance. Our data collection forms have built-in competence management which means only qualified people can complete tasks so that trains are safe and  reliable. All data is readily available in reports, we even produce Gantt charts to monitor improvements in a process. Our technology creates custom applications but requires no IT specialists skills. Our clients are Eversholt, Hitachi, Siemens, Bombardier, Wabtec and Brush Traction and, as we extend down their supply lines over the internet, we have a very broad reach in the railway industry. We are expert partners for our clients adapting off the shelf solutions so that the railway industry solves problems more efficiently and effectively.

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  • If I could turn back time!

    "If I could turn back time!" - we don't make a song and dance about this you can look down a time line and rollback time using wraps:

    View a wrap timeline - every time a wrap instance is signed we take a pdf copy of the wrap this locks down a permanent record of the wrap at the time of signing. … more

  • Competence Management and Confidential Records

    Before undertaking any work on the railway you need to be competent (i.e. to have the right knowledge, experience, ability, attitude and behaviour). Competence management requirements set out in:

    Rail  Safety and Standards Board RS/100 "Good Practice Guide on Competence Development".  … more

  • Key Performance Indicators are all in the Wrap!

    A Wrap is online forms that collect data about specific tasks to determine the status and record time or cost accrued. Once completed a task will be signed off as completed and will become a frozen wrap. Hundreds of wrap will be live to monitor all the activities in the company. It is very easy for … more

  • New Bulk Action Wraps!

    Imagine how laborious it can be to sign paper forms many many times over. With Wraps you can sign off many forms with one single signature! more

  • Integrate Office Procedure and Policies into Task Wraps

    For a company to exercise any process it will set out what must be done to complete the process successfully. In the old days this meant following the company procedures manual and was a bible everyone worked to. If you are going to do this you must do this this and this. Here are some examples of … more

  • ExcelWraps Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere... Oh and Any Device!

    "When I am on holiday I love to check in on how the team is doing at work" Carl Chambers Mark IV Overhaul Manager at Wabtec Rail. Carl picks up his iPhone from his pocket check project KPIs and returns to his Martini reassured that all is well at work.

    We use responsive web design to make wraps … more

  • WrapCreator Version 10.5

    WrapCreator supercharges any Excel user so that he becomes a titan software developer producing custom apps and handling big data sets. In fact he will create wraps, not apps, because they are simply Excel workbooks wrapped in out transformation technology. During the wrap creation process … more

  • Paperstacks to Wrapstacks - save the planet!

    A paperless wrap solution provide obvious environmental benefits and they are so easy to create using WrapCreator add in for Excel there really is no excuse for not taking the initiative now. Information collected and calculated by wraps is deposited in a large MS SQL database so information is  … more

  • Adding Value to A Railway Product

    Pfisterer provides innovative tensioners for railway overhead lines they are using Wraps to develop cloud data solutions to bring new client benefits, new client services and new revenue streams.

    Competence training services for client installers via a WrapSite (online course material, exam and … more

  • Rail Incident Safety Management

    We continue to expand our range of solutions for the railway industry as we launch our Wrap Rail Incident Safety Management solution. Wraps becomes a central point to collate information regarding the incident and it replaces email records which inevitably become unwieldy and difficult to track. … more